[First Impression] LAGOM Skincare for Dry & Sensitive Skin Night Routine (English Ver.)

I'm really into skinimalism these days because i feel a little bit overwhelming to apply lots of skincare layer on my routine. I'm just really lost the motivation to do complicated steps, but i still want to take care of my skin.

Have you ever heard of skinimalism, or skin minimalism? It's a part of minimalist lifestyle, but targeted specifically towards how you take care of your skin. Skinimalism let you take care of your skin in the simplest way, by only using essential product, as less as you can.

This lifestyle also suitable with those who have sensitive skin because when you use lots of product with lots of different ingredients, there's a chance that one of those ingredients can cause irritation on your skin. Since there's lots of ingredients, you'll never know which is which. So with skinimalism, we're minimalizing the risk of that.

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Speaking of essential product, it means we're only using the staple, cleansing - toning - moisturizing. At first I underestimate this method, but surprisingly my skin is more comfortable and rarely had a breakout.

Well, just a few days ago i received a package of LAGOM Skincare sent by StyleKorean's Try Me Review Me Influencer Program. Because it's shipped directly from Korea, i have to wait like more than 2 weeks until it finally arrived, hence the deadline of the review is coming up. So, i decided to make this post about LAGOM's first impression only rather than in-depth review as usual since i don't have much time to do a deep dive on these products.

A little background on the brand, LAGOM is a Korean Brand with Modern & Balanced concept. With their minimal ingredients, it gives our skin refreshing detox from complicated skincare routine with lots of active ingredients. Did you know that you must give your skin a break occasionally?

Despite of their minimal ingredient list, LAGOM's product are formulated so it can work efficiently. So, using their products is like shifting out from rapid and hectic lifestyle to slow life, but with the same quality.

So i got 4 items from LAGOM. It's Cellup Gel to Water Cleanser, Cellus Mist Toner, Cellus Mild Moisture Cream, and Cellus Sensitive Cica Powder. I don't really get the difference between 'Cellup' an 'Cellus', though. Without further ado, there's my thoughts about these product after using them several times.

LAGOM Cellup Gel to Water Cleanser Review

First, i'll give you a quick review about LAGOM Cellup Gel to Water Cleanser. According to the product knowledge, this is a hydrating cleanser for morning routine. It gives you a kick of refreshness to start you day, but i thought you can use this product for night too. Just combine it with cleansing oil or balm to get the makeup an dirt comes off before sleep.

It contains some essential oils like Lavender, Geranium, Bergamot, and Sandalwood. Because of this, make sure you avoid contact with eyes when you're cleansing your face. I've done it before and it kinda stings my eyes a little bit and it's uncomfortable.

The texture is gel, and after contact with skin it melts to water. The gel itself if somewhat dense. I can smell some herb aroma from this product, probably comes from all the essential oils.

LAGOM Cellup Gel to Water Cleanser also can be a makeup remover. Yes, you can directly apply the product to skin when you're wearing make up. I've tried it before, a little rub on the skin and it'll comes off easily. But i don't recommend using this for heavy make up, just for light make up like CC Cream or powder.

One thing i noticed from this product is it doesn't lather up and forms bubble when you're cleansing. This is pretty unique because i never use something like this. Although there is no bubble, i can feel my skin cleansed and refreshed properly. There's no 'squeaky clean' feeling after application, instead my skin feels hydrated. A good cleanser for dry skin, indeed.

LAGOM Cellus Mist Toner Review

I have a dry skin and i always use hydrating toner on my routine. When i switch to exfoliating or retinol toner, i make sure my skin is properly rehydrating by using hydrating toner. Personally, i love using thick, toner with viscosity. Watery toner just doesn't give my skin a hydration it needed.

So, LAGOM Cellus Mist Toner is a spray type toner, so the texture itself is watery. This toner is quick to absorb to my skin and doesn't left tacky feeling after application. It's refreshing and hydrating at the same time. But if you have a very dry skin, you could use some thicker hydrating toner or serum after using this product.

From what i read on it's product information, we could use this toner whenever we want just like face mist. You can see from the photo above the shape of the sprayer on top of the bottle. For me, the packaging is sturdy enough and doesn't give 'cheap' vibe. I love the design because it's very sleek.

LAGOM Cellus Mist Toner isn't as smooth as aerosol type-spray mist or toner, and you'll probably need like 3 to 5 spray to cover all of your face.

According to the product information, this toner can blocks fine dust and controls our skin's pH level. This type of toner is the best to put on right after cleansing, when your face is still damp.

I could smell a faint lemon-y notes from this product. It does make sense because it contains Lemon and Orange Peel Oil.

LAGOM Cellus Mild Moisture Cream Review

I'm still on a journey to find a perfect moisturizer. I prefer light moisturizer since i hate the 'heavy' feeling richer moisturizer gives after application. Let's talk about the packaging first. Since it comes in a bottle with pump, it's more hygienic than usual jar type cream. Just like the toner, the packaging is sturdy and solid.

So, LAGOM Cellus Mild Moisture Cream is a cream type moisturizer that is not really light, and more on the rich side. But i found it's easy to blend and spread all along the face. From the product knowledge, it described as a moisturizer that transforms into a 'moisturizing membrane' on the top of the skin.

As my experience using this, i could feel there's a very thin layer on the skin after the application. It's very, very thin, but it gives a good protection to the skin so it wouldn't lose the natural moisture. LAGOM Cellus Mild Moisture Cream contains Shea Butter. Shea Butter is an occlusive. Occlusives are moisturizing ingredients that create a physical barrier on the skin to prevent transepidermal water loss and lock in hydration.

I usually do my morning skincare routine on 8 AM. After using this in the morning i could still feel my face moisturized until afternoon, like 3 or 4 PM. So i guess this product gives some long lasting moisture on my skin. It doesn't feel heavy at all, it's very light despite of the texture.

LAGOM Cellus Sensitive Cica Powder Review

LAGOM Cellus Sensitive Cica Powder is similar to loose, translucent powder. It comes on a small bottle, and contains 5000ppm of Cica (Centella Asiatica) Complex.

You can use this product for oil control and soothing redness or irritation on your skin. I believe this product is more suitable for those who are acne prone or have oily skin, because it could be applied to control sebum production. Since i have dry skin, i couldn't give more accurate review on the oil control effect.

IMHO, the powder is not really finely milled. You just need a small amout to apply to irritated area on your face or on your oily T-Zone. It spreads easily.  At first, i thought this powder would smell like Centella Asiatica, but i was wrong. It's unscented.

Overall, i think LAGOM's product are suitable for my dry and a little bit sensitive skin. It's very mild and gives my skin long lasting moisture. Even without thick hydrating toner and rich serum, those product keep my skin from become tight because of dryness.

I like how the products gives refreshing and calming sensation for my skin. Especially the toner that can be used as face mist, it's pretty convenient.

Just like their tagline, 'Not too little, not too much'. LAGOM gives my skin what it need, such as hydration and soothe my skin nicely. No excessive 'heavy' or 'oily' feeling that could be uncomfortable even if you're living in a humid and hot country like me.

If you're looking to start skin minimalism or want to detox from complicated skincare routine, i highly recommend LAGOM to you since it really does the job well.

Not to mention it's really good for night skincare routine to helps your skin take a break from a stressful day! You should try using staple items only for night routine and notice how it changed your skin dramatically.

If you want to try LAGOM Skincare as well, you can purchase them on StyleKorean. There's also 10% special discount coupon for you, use code tryme_lagom upon checkout!

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This is a sponsored post. LAGOM Korea & StyleKorean send me the product to test and review and what i wrote is my honest review based on my personal experience

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  1. dari semuanya aku udah coba cleansernya dan beneran sangat friendly buat yang punya kulit normal to dry karena gak bikin keset karena gak ada busa

  2. Baru denger nama brandnya. Jadi penasaran akuu

  3. gel to water cleansernya sih lumayan banget ya teksturnya seru gitu

  4. aku sempet pakai satu set ini dan tekstur kulitku beneran membaik dong, padahal baru seminggu pakai waktu itu

  5. Aku penasaran dengan gel water cleanser nya.. menarik sepertinya

  6. Kemasannya bersih jadi terlihat simple gitu. Aku juga mau deh, abis menarik banget

  7. Menarik banget serumnya, bisa dipakai kapanpun, apalagi pakai sprayer, lebih praktis lagi.

  8. I also feel a bit overwhelming of the 10-12 skincare steps. So, this product is the best for doing the skincare diet, right? BTW, I also love the packaging and the design of the product, clean and elegant.

  9. Ya ampun, apaan lagi nih Nis? Hehehe. Brand baru ya? Aku belom pernah denger.. tp menarik banget sih terutama clean packagingnya.

  10. Ku penasaran sama ini banget waktu nongol di style korean global hiks, mana packingnya clean banget pula, sukaaa

  11. Produknya lengkap ya, bisa buat skincare harian. Packagingnya gemes, putih gitu

  12. I am truly impressed by the details which you have provided regarding natural products for skin It is an interesting article for me as well as for others. Thanks for sharing such articles here.

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